How To Sleep Well Every Night Without Pills, Stress or Frustration

A one day workshop helping everyone enjoy the perfect night’s sleep so they can feel refreshed and at their best. No more sleepless nights, strained relationships or days spent battling exhaustion and constant brain fog!

Venue – The Captains Club, Wick Ferry, Wick Lane, Christchurch, BH231HU

Date – Beginning of 2018 dates TBC. Time 10.00am – 5.00pm


Are you experiencing any of these?

Poor quality sleep or not being able to go back to sleep easily

Poor quality sleep or not being able to go back to sleep easily

Feeling stressed, anxious or out of balance

Feeling stressed, anxious or out of balance

Poor memory or lack of focus

Poor memory or lack of focus

Feeling tired and emotional during the day

Feeling tired or emotional during the day

Hot flashes, pain and other symptoms related to menopause

Hot flashes, pain and other symptoms related to menopause

Unable to switch-off and relax

Unable to switch-off and relax

Sleep is absolutely crucial to our health and wellbeing but it is often the first thing that is sacrificed in order to stay on top of things.

One of the main reasons we are exhausted and can’t sleep is because stress and hormone levels interrupt our natural ability to sleep as well as we should.

Now for the GOOD NEWS..

The Better Sleep Retreat is designed to address these challenges. As a hypnotherapist and ex-insomniac, I’m on a mission to provide rapid, effective and practical help for people who don’t sleep as well as they used to.

Kristian Lees Bell Hypnotherapist

Kristian Lees-Bell

The Better Sleep coach

I have created this unique day to help you use your own mind to solve sleep problems long-term without the need for drugs or spending a fortune on vitamins, herbal remedies or the latest gimmick!

Three years ago I struggled to sleep too..

I learned the hard way through my own experiences with insomnia, that using brute willpower to overcome or do ‘battle’ with my sleeplessness just didn’t work!

I can still remember that time, watching my alarm clock and working out in my mind how little sleep I was going to get.

I had a feeling that stress was partly to blame for my restless mind but as the weeks went by, I also knew that what I was doing before going to bed was literally sabotaging my efforts to sleep.

Instead of calming down before going to bed, I would be on my ipad, or planning all the things I needed to do for the next day.

I was keeping my brain on red-alert and it was interrupting the natural process of relaxation and sleep.

Clearly something DRASTIC needed to happen!

Things started to change quite quickly when I developed a personal sleep programme just like the ones I was beginning to develop with my own clients.

At first, I was frustrated with myself for not having made use of my own skills as a therapist but after a few days, I got to work and started following my own advice, step by step.

Fortunately I didn’t have to wait too long…

After just three weeks I was no longer feeling like I was living in a half-asleep daze. I was getting to sleep within ten minutes and waking up refreshed, relieved and full of energy.

After several more years of working with over 250 private clients, many with long-term sleep difficulties, I have discovered exactly how to help people from all walks of life, start sleeping well again as quickly as possible.

Through years of trial and error, I have developed a successful set of techniques and a clear and simple process, using a combination of relaxation techniques, guided visualisation and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

In just one day I will teach you all the steps required to enjoy peaceful sleep, night after night, with as little stress as possible!

Guest speaker – Barbara Cox

Barbara Cox

Guest speaker

Joining us for the day is top UK nutritionist Barbara Cox who will show you how nutrition and lifestyle can support healthy sleep and greater energy. Combined with physical exercise and mental wellbeing, good nutrition promotes healthy sleep.

By focusing on both the mind and quality nutrition in one single day, the Better Sleep Retreat is different from any sleep workshop or therapy you can find in the UK.

Who is the day for?

This retreat is for anyone who feels that a lack of quality sleep is affecting their emotional or physical health. It will be particularly relevant to

  • Women going through menopause. It is now well-known that hormone changes during menopause can cause sleep disturbances

  • Busy mums struggling with their sleep and energy levels

  • Professionals struggling to sleep well due to heavy workloads and responsibilities

Give me 1 day and I will help you

  • Break poor sleep habits and restore your natural sleeping patterns to help you get back to sleeping well.

  • Use your minds natural re-set button to relax and recharge, day and night

  • Learn the best techniques to reduce stress so you can go to sleep peacefully

  • Feel cool and composed even if you suffer hot flashes or night sweats due to menopause

  • Easily let go of unhelpful thoughts, fears or negative feelings using the ‘Drop the Rocks’ technique

  • Discover the ingenious trick my clients use to help them get back to sleep quickly even if they wake up at night

The Better Sleep Retreat is the first step to getting back your natural vitality so you can start living the life you deserve.

What are the benefits of better sleep?

  • Reduced stress and general anxiety

  • Feel more balanced and positive so you can enjoy happier, more fulfilling relationships

  • A younger and more attractive appearance. In a first of its kind, clinical trial commissioned by Estee Lauder, poor sleepers were found to have increased signs of skin ageing

  • Clearer thinking so you can be more successful and in control of your life

As a bonus, guests at the sleep retreat will also receive

  • Relax and sleep well hypnosis audio track (Normally £20)

  • Workbook and sleep diary (Normally £35)

  • Free one to one consultation with Kristian to create your own personal sleep plan (Normally £120)

  • Top nutrition tips and advice to improve your sleep

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