Hypnotherapy and Coaching Fees and Services

  • Telephone Consultation
  • FREE
  • Telephone Consultation
  • Is Hypnotherapy right for you
  • Find out your next steps
  • In-person consult
  • £3000
  • 45 minutes
  • Receive treatment plan
  • Experience hypnosis
  • 1 - 3 Month Programmes
  • £39500 per month
  • Weekly or bi-weekly Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions
  • Personality Assessment
  • 4 sessions per month

Telephone Strategy Session – FREE

This is an informal conversation on the telephone which will help you make the right decision about whether hypnotherapy is suitable for your particular issue. It is probably the best way to move forward and even if we don’t decide to work together, you’ll learn exactly what your next best step should be.

Initial Face to Face/Skype Consultation session (45 minutes) – £30.00

I realize that you may not have experienced hypnosis and coaching before and are perhaps curious about whether this will work for you or not. For this reason, our first session is an ideal opportunity to find out more.

Over the years I have seen people who had previously visited other therapists for a few sessions but hadn’t received the results and long-term transformation they were looking for. Some left feeling underwhelmed or claiming it just ‘didn’t work for me’.

Perhaps you fear you might be one of those people?

Often this is because most therapists charge you for their time, not on results. They are not always 100% invested in your success. How can they be if they are seeing you for an hour a week in addition to another 10-20 clients?

Hypno-Coaching Programme – 3 Months

Natural Mind offers a complete solution that goes much deeper than the normal once weekly therapy. taking you all the way to the results you want using a combination of hypnosis and psychological coaching.

This is hypnotherapy for committed and  highly motivated people who truly want the best level of service and support available. I can provide this because I only work with a limited number of people I know I can get great results for. I prefer to help create profound transformation rather than incremental change.

The 3 month programme provides:
  • Personally tailored hypnotherapy + coaching sessions
  • Email support and accountability
  • Personality and other psychological assessments for self-awareness and to tailor therapy to your individual needs (very few do this)
  • Hypnosis audio recordings to listen to in between sessions
  • Personalised materials and resources
  • Homework tasks to accelerate progress and reinforce learning

How Does It Work?

We work together twice per month over extended sessions of hypnotherapy and coaching (90 minutes – 2 hours) to empower you to move beyond life-long limiting thoughts and beliefs, take back control over your life and reach your goals.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Working together over 3 months allows us to go deep and integrate the new ways of being, while the mixture of hypnotherapy and coaching means we work at both the conscious and subconscious levels for maximum effect.

The Hypnotherapy + Coaching 3 month Programme can be tailored to your personal challenges and goals. These are some common areas:

  • Work-related stress, anxiety, and relationship issues
  • Self-doubt and the ‘inner critic’ holding you back in life
  • Setting up a new business or starting a new job/career
  • Anxiety (GAD, social anxiety, panic attacks etc)
  • Anxiety reduction for children and teenagers
  • Delivering confident presentations/pitches or high-stakes talks
  • Stage fright and public speaking fear
  • Confidence and low self-esteem at work

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FREE Telephone Consultancy

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