Overcoming Performance anxiety 

Regardless if you are performing on stage or presenting something to an audience, a lot of people suffer with anxious feelings beforehand, but for many it can just be too much and prevent them from speaking publicly at all.

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When you actually feel uneasy about speaking in front of large audiences, you may have that butterfly feeling, you may perspire and feel shaky; this is all really common and many individuals would argue that feeling a little uneasy can assist with your performance or presentation.

Unfortunately, some people experience considerably more than that and find themselves completely unable to speak publicly. They will often shake uncontrollably, lose their voice, feel emotional, sweat, feel really anxious, worried, and may even be physically ill.

Thankfully, problems with performing or presenting are frequently in the mind; it is a component of general anxiousness which causes you to imagine yourself presenting and the reaction of your audience.

Your mind tries to prepare for any eventuality, making you believe that you will probably stutter, that you will forget your lines or shake etc., when in actual fact the majority of people would sit and enjoy your performance without having any concern at all.

What this means, is that with the proper help, you can change that cycle of behaviour, allowing you speak confidently and professionally without excess anxiety and nervousness.

This can be achieved by getting into a relaxed stateand more resourceful state of mind, so as to replace these habits with moree helpful views and behavours. This helps relieve the uncontrollable anxiety and stress attributed to irrational fears and thinking.

Hypnotherapy for performance anxiety and public speaking also has quite a few other results, and by using a variety of techniques like mindfulness and relaxation you can also continue to apply these methods at home and at work to allow you to actually feel more relaxed and comfortable in periods of anxiousness.

Having performance anxiety can actually feel very incapacitating as you may feel held back in your career or social life due to nerves and fear. By increasing your ability to present and function in front of audiences, your confidence will increase substantially, you will become more poised and outgoing which will also have a positive impact on your social life and relationships.

You will probably also end up appearing calmer and more friendly,  which could boost your job prospects and open up quite a few opportunities!

Kristian Lees-Bell, a highly skilled hypnotherapist, who works at Natural Mind Hypnotherapy explains

“I know what it’s like to feel anxious in public. I suffered stage fright for a few years as an aspiring singer. With the help of hypnotherapy  (and a little practice!) I now present to large audiences and even sing jazz on stages around the UK.

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