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Wellbeing workshops with a difference!

If you are looking to change something in your life but aren’t sure about going for one to one weekly therapy or being hypnotised, Natural Mind has you covered! Personal transformation can happen just as effectively and sometimes more rapidly in a supportive group environment.

With that in mind, Natural Mind now offers half and one-day workshops or ‘retreats’ for busy people who want to learn how to use their minds more effectively; to reduce stress and anxiety, lose weight naturally and sleep as deeply as they did when they were younger.


Wellbeing retreats in Bournemouth, Dorset and the UK

Unique half and one day workshops to help you feel and think better.

A retreat is a wonderful and transformative experience where you will spend an intensive day learning how to nourish both your mind and body to create new healthier thoughts and behaviours.

Forget any preconceptions about stuffy workshops where you just sit down and listen to a lecture on what you should be doing. Nor is it about filling your head with masses of interesting information and then expecting you to work out how to apply it!

A wellbeing retreat will leave you more relaxed, more inspired and more capable of making the life changes you need to make. You will be ‘doing’ and practising cutting-edge techniques and exercises so that when you go home, you know exactly what to do to reach your goals.

To help you make the changes you desire to make, I use a combination of relaxation therapy, CBTstress management and NLP which are all easy to learn and apply in your own life.

You will leave a retreat with new, fresh insights and it is these insights that trigger real changes and improvements in your wellbeing.

Our next retreat is a sleep retreat taking place on the 30th April 2016 at the Captains Club in Dorset. Find out more by clicking the link below:

Click here for the ‘Better Sleep Retreat’

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I am now working in partnership with top UK nutritionist Barbara Cox to deliver the most unique weight-loss retreats in the south of England.

Barbara founded Nutrichef, the well-known healthy meal plan service across the UK, and has written for Zest magazine, Natural Health and been featured in the Daily Express and Bazaar to name just a few.

As well as being a much sought-after nutritionist, Barbara is an expert on all things wellbeing and fitness related.

Check out the link for more information about Barbara:

Weight Loss Retreats in Bournemouth

Barbara and I will be holding a series of retreats in 2016 and these will be focused on general wellbeing and weight-loss.

After the weight-loss retreat you will know:

  • Exactly what to eat to boost metabolism and boost energy levels
  • How to simply and effortlessly control and reduce food cravings
  • Naturally reach for healthy food- and enjoy it.
  • Start feeling great about yourself from the inside out
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Insomnia and sleep issues are extremely common at my clinic. In answer to this, Natural Mind Hypnotherapy provides a practical and unique approach to insomnia therapy by providing ‘Sleep Retreats’which will provide insomnia sufferers the opportunity to re-learn healthy sleeping patterns in just one day.

Using a proven combination of CBT, Mindfulness and relaxation therapy, you will learn how to unwind before bed so you can sleep well naturally.

Although there are various physical causes of insomnia which should be ruled out before looking at the mental side of things, I have found that the large majority of sleep problems are related to stress and anxiety. We lead busy lives and are finding it more difficult to switch-off at night and relax.

Benefits of the sleep retreat:

  • Know exactly how to ‘re-set’ your busy mind to break the cycle of physical and emotional exhaustion
  • Release muscular and mental tension
  • Reduce frustration and anxiety about nor getting to sleep
  • Lower stress hormones (cortisol) levels and adrenaline levels to prepare for better sleep
  • Let go of unwanted stress or trauma from the past which might be connected to your poor sleep

Find out more about our next sleep retreat by clicking the link below:

Click here for the Better Sleep Retreat

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What to expect at a Natural Mind retreat

  • Set in a luxury venue

  • No boring powerpoints

  • Free hypnosis audio and resources

  • Addresses both body and mind

  • Practical and easy to apply

  • Unrivalled support and follow-up coaching

Find out how a wellbeing retreat can help you…


Wellbeing Retreats with a difference!

Only you can change your life but Natural Mind Retreats provide the perfect space to make it much easier. After attending a retreat, you will feel relaxed and super focused on your goals and big dreams. Meet other motivated and health-conscious people who all inspire each other to success. What are you waiting for?

Natural Mind Hypnotherapy

Customer Testimonials: Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

As with other therapies, you need to find a practitioner that you can trust. Customer satisfaction is very important to me and I have many testimonials to share with you, many from independent websites/services.

Really enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions – feel very positive about losing weight (already lost 4 lb after first session). Would definitely recommend Kristian to anyone who wants to lose weight. No gimmicks, he makes you feel really at ease – so much so that I won an Olympic gold medal for swimming during the session!
Sarah, Weight Loss Client
I was extremely troubled because of some problems and thoughts I couldn’t get rid of. They were preventing me from enjoying and getting on with my life. I was losing my grip. In just two months however, hypnosis has given me the tools to tame my mind and succeed at looking at life from a very different perspective. It’s astonishing how easy and quick one can evolve once they know the appropriate tools. I am leading myself to a completely different point where I am starting to be in control of my mind, and therefore my life.
Claudia, Anxiety Patient
I know it probably sounds a bit nuts to anyone who doesn’t have a problem with spiders, but to me I feel I have overcome a big fear in my life. Without a doubt I now feel confident enough to be able to remove one from the house myself and not get paralysed with fear at the sight of one. I had my doubts anything would work but I was wrong. This has worked!
Hanna, Spider Phobia
I am amazed! – I have not wanted to smoke since the session and don’t even think about smoking! I haven’t had any cravings, irritable behaviour or gained any weight. I feel so much healthier and am able to run faster at the gym! Thank you so much- I would recommend this to anyone!
Olivia, Smoking Client
I have just had 6 sessions of gastric band hypnotherapy with Kristian and it was amazing!! Didn’t think it was going to work but I lost 8 lb in the first week and then continued to lose between 3 and 5lb a week. Worth the money and I would definitely recommend to people in the future.
Kirsty, Weight Loss Client

Disclaimer: As with all types of therapy – results may vary per patient and are dependant on many factors.


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