Kristian Lees-Bell
Kristian Lees-Bell

About Kristian Lees-Bell

I have been working with clients as a clinical hypnotherapist since 2011 and have helped over 1000 people overcome stress and anxiety related issues. There are very few issues I haven’t seen over the years. A fear of buttons, heights, spiders, and speaking up in meetings are among some of the more common challenges I see at my clinic!

My path to becoming a full-time hypnotherapist in Bournemouth started after completing my studies in Psychology. I am one of a very few people in the UK who has trained in psychology (I have a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology) and as a clinical hypnotherapist. This means that I have both the practical therapeutic skills, but also a deeper understanding of human behaviour and evidence-based practice.

It also means you are in good hands…

Almost all of the interventions I currently offer clients are based on evidence-based practice. My preferred tool to use is hypnosis of course, but my clients also receive the added benefits of techniques based on the latest neuroscience, psychology, and coaching methods.

After all these years I still love helping people to overcome their problems and reach their potential. Hypnotherapy is still hugely underrated but it is one of the most effective ways to overcome problem habits and behaviours painlessly, gently and often incredibly quickly.

My Qualifications
I hold the following qualifications:
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (DHP)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in the Skill of Hypnosis as an application of NLP from Surrey Institute of Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis (Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, SICH)
  • Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology
  • Hypnotension practitioner (specialist in reducing high blood pressure)
  • Certificate in performance psychology (ISSTIP)
  • Bsc Psychology (Hons degree)
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