Does Online Hypnosis Work?

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions are Becoming Increasingly Popular.

I’ve been offering Hypnosis sessions online ever since I began work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have had the privilege to experience at first hand the benefits of Online Hypnotherapy.

More and more Hypnotherapists are coming to the realisation that Online Hypnotherapy sessions are just as effective as face-to-face hypnotherapy.

In fact, it has several advantages to the traditional method!

 These include the following:

  • Convenience – You can undergo hypnotherapy in the comfort of your own home and feel more relaxed
  • Accessibility – No more worries about travelling to and from a clinic.
  • Time efficiency – No travelling to and from clinics means that less time is taken out of your day.
  • Anonymity – if you’d prefer me not to see you, it’s possible to do hypnotherapy sessions online with the camera turned off.
  • Flexibility – I can be more flexible with the times that I can offer hypnotherapy appointments during the week

What are some of the other benefits of Online Hypnosis?

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There are also some other great reasons why many of my existing and past clients now prefer hypnosis online.

If you think about it, the changes that are brought about in a hypnotherapy session happen not in my office or consulting centre, but in your OWN MIND!

As long as you are motivated to change something and are in an environment which is safe and reasonably distraction free – then hypnosis online, over zoom or even Whatapp is incredibly effective.

Lastly, clients have recently told me that hypnosis online has helped them better translate the positive changes in a session to the real world.

For example, say that they are wanting to stop drinking alcohol. Perhaps they find themselves mostly drinking at home, in their room, or outside on the patio?

After speaking with me and deciding to go ahad with online hypnosis, they can then have a hypnosis session in the same room or place in which they DO the problem (the drinking in this case).

This is really powerful because the brain forms strong patterns of behaviours and habits through mental ASSOCIATION. So if my drinking client always drinks whiskey and relaxes in his bedroom then by helping him make new associations in that very same place, we can weaken the enviromental trigger (his room) and hence weaken the drinking habit…

Compare this to doing the same thing in my consulting room.

The client leaves the session hopeful and really positive but the new and more positive mental associations he had made between his room (a key enviromental trigger for the behaviour)  and the drinking habit are not quite as robust.

This is partly because he wasn’t actually in the trigger environement at the time those new mental assocations/thoughts/feelings were formed..

So to put it more simply, online hypnosis works really well because you make the changes in the SAME place as you previously DID the problem behaviour…. Quite clever really.

But don’t just take my word for it….

Very helpful!
Kristian listened well to the issue I wanted help with managing and we had sessions online. I wasn’t sure about having remote sessions, but even this proved really helpful, along with the recording I was subsequently sent. I feel I have moved out of the rut I was in and am very glad to have found this hypnotherapy practice.

Mrs C.R (Bournemouth)


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