What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy based around hypnosis. It is a state of concentration that we often recognise when we discover that we have driven a portion of a familiar journey but have little recollection of it. Even day-dreaming is a form of hypnosis.

Why Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy focuses on the outcome rather than the history of your current issue. The aim is to positively improve your situation, quickly and in a relaxing way. I might ask you about how you came to be in your current situation, but essentially hypnotherapy is a here and now therapy.

Bournemouth Hypnotherapy

Natural Mind Hypnotherapy is conveniently situated halfway between Poole and Bournemouth. With ample free parking and easy access from Ashley Road, the journey to your session can be a stress-free one. Still don't want to travel? Why not talk to me about my Skype sessions?

Hypnotherapy FAQs

How do I know that you are the right person for me?

I might not be the right person to help (although I’ll do my very best!). What I can promise is that we will only go ahead when both you and I are completely comfortable and have agreed on a treatment plan. If you want help with something which I feel another treatment other than hypnotherapy would be more suitable, then I will always make this clear from the beginning.

I offer a FREE no-obligation 30 minute telephone consultation should you wish to get an idea about how I can help you. This is an invaluable opportunity to ask all the hypnosis questions you were afraid to ask! You can then come to your first session feeling relaxed and fully prepared.

Do you offer a guarantee?

No! And for a good reason. Every ethical hypnotherapist knows that no treatment is 100% successful for everybody. Human beings are a little more complicated than machines!

What I can guarantee is this; I will use all of my skills and tools to do my very best in helping you as quickly as possible.The only thing I ask is that you commit to the process.

How long are sessions?

Each session is approximately 60 minutes in duration. I also offer intensive sessions in which we can resolve your issue more quickly and shorter taster sessions whereby you can experience hypnosis for stress relief and relaxation.

What does a typical session involve?

Our first session will involve discussing your issue and how you would like things to be better. This gives me the chance to offer a personalized service and you the opportunity to be clear about how I can help you. If time permits we can then do a hypnosis session.

I’ve heard that some people who go to hypnosis stage shows do crazy things and lose control.

First of all, Hypnotherapy is very different from being hypnotized on stage. People who volunteer for stage shows are usually naturally gregarious and if they end up clucking like chickens then this is because they want to, usually to play up for the audience. In a Hypnotherapy session a person is completely in control and aware of what is happening. People usually feel just wonderfully relaxed and able to recall most, if not all of what is said by the therapist.

What if I can’t wake up or function normally after hypnosis?

Another myth about Hypnotherapy is that you won’t ‘come out of it’. In reality even if your hypnotherapist left the building and forgot about you (not very likely!) the worst thing that would happen is that you would fall asleep and wake up later as if you had just had a nap.

What if I cannot be hypnotized?

This question is another very common one and there are quite a few people who like the idea of not being ‘suggestible’ as they equate this to being logical and intelligent. While it is true that some people may go deeper into hypnosis than others, it is also true that all of us can experience hypnosis to some degree. And the important thing is that positive changes through hypnotherapy can happen just as effectively under a lighter hypnosis. Everyone is capable of entering hypnosis if they allow the process to happen.

Will I divulge any embarrassing personal details or ‘secrets’?

No. hypnosis only continues with your co-operation. You are in complete control over what you say and do.

Is the therapy confidential?

Yes, I work under the guidelines of the National Council Of Hypnotherapy (NCH) whose members are bound by a strict code of practice and ethics of the highest standard.

Is it a good idea to see my doctor before visiting you?

If you suspect that there is a physical cause for a problem then your doctor should be consulted.