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Beat insomnia with Kristian

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Insomnia is usually caused by underlying stress or anxiety which can be about relationships, self-confidence issues, financial worries, health and many other worries. In fact, nearly 30% of the population has some form of insomnia so you are definitely not alone.

Are you experiencing any of these common symptoms?

  • Being irritable or feeling more emotional and unsettled
  • Lack of focus or foggy thinking
  • Less desire to socialise or do the things you know you enjoy
  • Feeling low or depressed
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Worries about your health

Using hypnotherapy for insomnia  we can work out exactly what is going on, resolving the issue at a subconscious level and guiding you back to a natural sleep pattern.

To discover exactly how hypnotherapy for sleep can change your life, why not call Kristian on 0798 444 1710 and take that first step to enjoying better sleep.

Beat insomnia with Hypnotherapy!

Hypnotherapy is a process whereby an experienced therapist can help you make improvements in your life by using this relaxed, daydream state (hypnosis) to suggest more helpful and positive behaviour.

What causes insomnia and sleep problems

One of the most simple and obvious causes of insomnia is excess muscular tension and anxiety over sleeping combined with excessive thinking or worrying.

Too much tension in the skeletal muscles actually increases the amount of activity across the whole nervous system – including the amount and “speed” of our thinking. People with sleep issues may find it very difficult to fall asleep or get back to sleep because their nervous system is over aroused.

By learning how to relax the muscles and calm the mind – hypnotherapy can help you retrain your body to enter a more relaxed state so you can fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and wake up refreshed!

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How common is insomnia?

Insomnia often co-exists with other issues and can sometimes be the main factor in keeping it going.

Someone with depression for instance might experience severe sleep disruption. This lack of sleep will cause fatigue which makes it far harder for the person to cope with and resolve their feelings of depression.

Developing a more natural sleep pattern can significantly help with depression and the same is true for many other issues. Growing clinical evidence also suggests that better quality sleep through expert hypnosis can:

  • Reduce or sometimes completely resolve anxiety or panic symptoms
  • Ease the discomfort of Fibromyalgia
  • Help control food cravings and lose weight
  • Lessen IBS pain
  • Manage stress

There is no need for you to carry on taking sleep medication or spending yet more money on the latest sleep app or gadget. Hypnotherapy for insomnia helps your mind get back into doing what is was designed to help you do – sleep whenever you need to!

Hypnotherapy Bournemouth

How can hypnotherapy for insomnia help?

A hypnotherapist can help identify the root cause of your sleep issue, whether it was caused by a past experience, relationship or just a stressful phase in your life.

Using a tried and tested blend of hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Sleep (CBT-I) and stress management techniques, hypnotherapy can help your mind associate sleep with relaxation and calm. You can release all that pent-up stress and exhaustion which will reduce your body’s stress hormone levels (Cortisol) and lower your adrenaline.

This means that both your mind and body can stop being on ‘red-alert’ and just relax instead.

Natural Mind’s Hypnotherapy for sleep programme will help you:

  • Develop healthy sleep hygeine habits
  • Reduce night-time worry and endless overthinking
  • Promote deep physical relaxation leading to natural sleep
  • Feel more rested in the morning leading to a brighter. more positive day!


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Do you suffer from any of these common symptoms?:

  • Low mood

  • Panic attacks

  • Irritability

  • Headaches

  • Neck pain

  • IBS

  • Feeling unable to cope

  • Lack of focus

  • Poor concentration

Find out if hypnotherapy can help you…


Treat insomnia with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome insomnia and sleep problems – helping you to live life to the full.

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Customer Testimonials: Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

As with other therapies, you need to find a practitioner that you can trust. Customer satisfaction is very important to me and I have many testimonials to share with you, many from independent websites/services.

Really enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions – feel very positive about losing weight (already lost 4 lb after first session). Would definitely recommend Kristian to anyone who wants to lose weight. No gimmicks, he makes you feel really at ease – so much so that I won an Olympic gold medal for swimming during the session!
Sarah, Weight Loss Client
I was extremely troubled because of some problems and thoughts I couldn’t get rid of. They were preventing me from enjoying and getting on with my life. I was losing my grip. In just two months however, hypnosis has given me the tools to tame my mind and succeed at looking at life from a very different perspective. It’s astonishing how easy and quick one can evolve once they know the appropriate tools. I am leading myself to a completely different point where I am starting to be in control of my mind, and therefore my life.
Claudia, Anxiety Patient
I know it probably sounds a bit nuts to anyone who doesn’t have a problem with spiders, but to me I feel I have overcome a big fear in my life. Without a doubt I now feel confident enough to be able to remove one from the house myself and not get paralysed with fear at the sight of one. I had my doubts anything would work but I was wrong. This has worked!
Hanna, Spider Phobia
I am amazed! – I have not wanted to smoke since the session and don’t even think about smoking! I haven’t had any cravings, irritable behaviour or gained any weight. I feel so much healthier and am able to run faster at the gym! Thank you so much- I would recommend this to anyone!
Olivia, Smoking Client
I have just had 6 sessions of gastric band hypnotherapy with Kristian and it was amazing!! Didn’t think it was going to work but I lost 8 lb in the first week and then continued to lose between 3 and 5lb a week. Worth the money and I would definitely recommend to people in the future.
Kirsty, Weight Loss Client

Disclaimer: As with all types of therapy – results may vary per patient and are dependant on many factors.