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The dangers of smoking tobacco are well understood. Heart attacks, respiratory disorders, mouth cancers, to mention just a few. The World Health Organisation have stated that cigarette smokers have a 50% probability that the cause of their death will be from smoking.

Should you be a smoker yourself, you will be aware that, as scary as this specific information is, it fades into insignificance when you’re getting that craving for a smoke.

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Cigarette smoking spikes the reward system within the brain. It may seem that you use tobacco simply because you enjoy it. This may be accurate, yet the scientific research associated with smoking shows that dependency to cigarettes is mainly psychological.

The other side of using cigarettes is the habit element. This might involve enjoying a cigarette during your favourite television programme advert break. Or maybe you smoke every time you are tense or anxious. Maybe you feel you use it to have a break, or even to help you de-stress or distract yourself from a busy working day.

The physical habit connected to using tobacco usually relates to the hand to mouth process. Many people complain that they gain weight right after giving up smoking because they want to do something with their hands!

Powerful interpersonal habits may have be formed through smoking. Quite often you meet people who you may not have even spoken to if you did not smoke.

During the break periods in the office you are likely to meet a few other smokers and form relationships by way of this particular joint habit. Many of these elements can make for quite a problem when considering stopping the smoking habit.

If you currently smoke, or have previously smoked cigarettes, you will understand how tough it is to quit. Help for those serious about quitting is still underwhelming. The NHS smoke quit programme is successful for some, but the rate of success is still disappointing and much less than 50%.

Of course the leading competitor with respect to tobacco is electronic cigarettes or vaping. Most are products that contain water vapour and nicotine, letting you perform the action of smoking cigarettes without ever actually smoking anything aside from nicotine and various other chemical substances.

However although vapes are no doubt safer than cigarettes, they are currently unregulated, and so the potential effects are currently unknown.

Nicotine continues to be the key component within the electronic device, so this means the actual dependency isn’t taken care of, it is simply shifted.

For a long term cure why not consider a hypnotic approach?

If you are determined and possess a substantial desire to give up cigarettes, a hypnotherapist can definitely help you.

If you’re still doubtful about quitting tobacco, a hypnotic approach is probably not best for you right now. A qualified professional therapist will explore this concern together with you prior to recommending hypnotherapy to be sure you will be successful using this process.

It is actually unlikely you will gain any success from a hypnotic approach unless you feel absolutely ready to give up smoking.

Hypnosis for stop smoking – Online and in Bournemouth and Poole

The way that hypnotherapy works is by helping you gain control and power over the detrimental traits and behaviours which are ingrained in the automatic or subconscious part of the mind. With specialist help, you can gain the capacity to unlock the force and potential of your thoughts and emotions, so that you can make new healthier mental associations and let go of the outdated and negative ones that have reinforced the smoking habit.

Why use hypnosis to stop smoking?

Trying to give up cigarettes using will power alone is no fun, and can be rather lonely experience too.

Numerous people who’ve used hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes say they wish that they had tried it much sooner. When you consider all of the costs – to your health, your wellbeing, and to your pocket, it makes a good deal of practical sense to invest in a course of hypnosis for smoking treatment that will likely cost you no more than a few months worth of cigarettes. Think of the time, energy, and money you will regain once you become a natural non-smoker…

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