How can Children and Teenagers Benefit from Hypnotherapy ?

Teens can benefit enormously from hypnosis. Here we look at common issues experienced by teens and how hypnotherapy techniques will help with those problems.

In the world today, being a teenager comes with built-in difficulties. They often experience feelings of low self-esteem, anxiety, as well as hormonal difficulties. These challenges can become significant and persistent issues that some teens struggle to cope with.

According to research, one in ten of our children below the age of 16 suffer from mental health issues (1). It does not become easier to cope with just because a lot of others face the same sort of difficulties.

Hypnotherapy for Teens and Children…

There are many childhood mental health issues that can be helped through the use of hypnosis. Here are just some of the ways hypnotherapy solutions will help young adults:

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Problems with feelings of depression – If your child is depressed, step one is paying a visit to your GP so they can have a clinical assessment and medical treatment. Having done that, hypnotherapy could help in numerous ways that could start to lift the feelings of unhappiness. Depression brings with it a host of problems that affect both the mind and the body.

Hypnotherapy could help them to deal with the issues causing depression, both in the conscious and the subconscious mind. The teenager will probably gain insight into how they think and how to stop negative internal thoughts that often co- exist with depression.

Changing internal thoughts to help people feel more is something a good hypnotherapist is expert at.

Anxiety difficulties – High degrees of anxiousness with teenagers is commonplace in the world today and especially during and post-covid. Sometimes it can be related to specific problems like socialising or exams, but every now and then it is an overpowering all-round anxiousness that affects the child’s ability to approach life with confidence.

Through hypnotherapy, your son or daughter will learn deep relaxation techniques to help them better manage the anxiety. They will learn how to access the deep, subconscious parts of their mind that hold onto the past problems that have caused them to suffer from anxiety to begin with.

Self-confidence – Life offers up problems to all children,but some are not so skilled at handling them. We must be able to distinguish between shyness and a child being cut off because of feeling self-conscious and alone.

Does your youngster have low self-esteem?

Perhaps they are struggling to make friends and tackle life with the curiosity and confidence a young person should. If that is the case, they will often reap the benefits of hypnotherapy.

An important thing to establish is whether they hold unwanted beliefs about themselves. Once this has been identified, the hypnotherapy will help them change those unfavourable feelings into more helpful and useful beliefs.

Hypnotherapy and Other Childhood Issues…

Hypnosis will help with a lot more issues than we’ve considered here. There are numerous other adolescent issues that hypnosis can assist with such as negative habits, temper, OCD and social issues, etc.

Children and teens respond very well to hypnotherapy since they have reactive minds and tend to be more responsive to new suggestions.

If you think, your daughter or son is having some mental challenges it may be worth chatting with a hypnotherapist to see if they think they could help.

Kristian Lees-Bell from Natural Mind Hypnpotherapy based in Bournemouth, Dorset explains why in his view hypnotherapy techniques are really effective for helping the younger generation make long lasting changes:

“Having worked with over 300 to date, I have experienced a lot of these problems close at hand! I am fully qualified and insured paediatric hypnotherapist and this area of my work is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding”.