Hypnosis for food cravings

Dieting becomes difficult for most people when powerful yearnings for food develop, particularly if they are on diets that make them feel like they are missing out.

Cravings for food can be much more powerful than normal hunger pangs, and can encourage people to binge on particular foods.

Studies have shown that the foods that people mostly crave are things like chocolate, biscuits, desserts, sugary snacks and sweets, all of which have few nutritional benefits. When strong desires for food are repeatedly given into, they can become addictions that can lead to someone becoming a chocoholic!

There are lots of varied reasons that people crave food. Chemical substances in our body could affect our brain. Serotonin makes us feel relaxed and happy, but an insufficiency can lead to symptoms of depression.


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Endorphin levels are also believed to influence our mood in the same way. A hypnotic approach helps to helps to control this, and alters the specific area of the brain that has become conditioned to seek food. Particular foods that are easily obtainable, well promoted and quite often inexpensive, can have a damaging effect on our health.

Obesity and other health issues can develop from eating too many foods loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats, including, amongst others, raised blood pressure, heart related illnesses and diabetic issues.

There have been huge advances in hypnosis when used to treat obesity, including specific techniques to control  powerful desires for food.

Hypnosis for food addiction

Chocolate has a chemical called phenylethylamine, which is an amino acid that controls the release of endorphins hormones from the body that are known for making us feel good and relaxed. If we devour chocolate and then begin to feel happy and relaxed, a link develops with chocolate and the feelings of euphoria.

We can then come to crave these feelings and consequently chocolate, especially if we feel uneasy or stressed.

A hypnotic approach can cut this relationship and even make a new link with a healthy and beneficial alternative that releases endorphins in a more natural manner. The body may also begin to crave other components of the food; for instance salt and iron, an overload of which can again be harmful.

A craving could also indicate a nutritional need in the body, but when the communications become misdirected, we can easily crave the completely wrong types of foods.

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For example, during pregnancy, a woman experiences cravings as the body requires certain additional nutrients during that time. If the body requires iron then red meat may be craved. Some desires can seem strange but once it is understood what the hidden need is, they make more sense.

However, for most people these strong desires lead to over-indulgence, which may cause obesity. Hypnotherapy can successfully change behaviour on a subconscious level and deal with poor eating habits that can lead to weight gain and health problems.

To address and eliminate these unhealthy eating habits, you need to choose a seasoned Hypnotherapist who has the relevant training.


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