Exactly what is the cost of not using hypnotherapy and can you afford it?

Despite the fact that hypnotherapeutic treatment can offer a profound improvement in the quality of a person’s life, countless people still see it as a luxury. Maybe they spend freely in superficial approaches to help themselves feel better, including, nights out or ‘retail therapy’, however the positive aspects of investing in hypnotherapy are overlooked.

On the other hand, as evidence has shown that hypnotherapy can help with issues such as weight, smoking, fear, despair, alcoholism and drug dependency, (just to name a few), can we really afford to not test it?

The countless benefits of hypnosis

The subconscious takes all of our experiences and traumas and stores them away, in contrast to the conscious mind which keeps remarkably little of what happens to us. Hypnotherapy works by allowing the hypnotherapist to get into the subconscious mind of the person, hence giving the hypnotherapist the chance to deal with deeply embedded belief systems and behavioural patterns. By utilising this approach, the hypnotherapist may help the client gain substantial health advantages.

Being Overweight

Although quite a few people wanting to lose weight are motivated to reach their objectives, dieting can be hard to stick to. It could feel nearly impossible to maintain their motivation and feel as though they’re constantly struggling with their declining will power. This can be as a consequence of underlying subconscious issues which simply cannot be overridden by will power alone. That is where hypnotherapy comes in: an experienced hypnotherapist can work with the individual to re-programme the mind, altering the subconscious beliefs, consequently providing the person with a fresh start to achieve their weight control goals.

Addiction issues

Numerous people with addictions, such as smoking, drinking or gambling, find it nearly difficult to get away from their habits, even though they probably have made quite a few real endeavours to. This could be as their focus is confused. For example, a smoker may try nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine sprays), convinced that if they free the system from its physical dependence on nicotine then they might no longer notice the need to light up. Yet, and since the addiction stems from the subconscious, this strategy often fails. Once the subconscious is involved and the cause of the addiction is dealt with, a smoker’s likelihood of successfully quitting is improved upon considerably.

Social phobia

A large number of people’s lives are ruined by fear and anxiety; with some finding that their vocation or educational aspirations are inhibited by an inability to talk in social situations by way of example. The price of enduring this anxiety may be significant, causing individuals to steer clear of job offers or to fallout of college. With the aid of a hypnotherapist, however, this anxiety will be overcome, and individuals can benefit from increased levels of confidence both in their working and personal lives.

Hence, whilst the cost may initially seem more than is affordable, the substantial positive aspects that hypnotherapy can bring to your life are invaluable.

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