How Hypnotherapy Can Help Your Career Development

Boosting your career or dealing with redundancy can be challenging if you haven’t a clue how to put your best self forward. Here we look at how hypnotherapeutic strategies can help you do that.

It’s not easy to move your career ahead if you believe that you lack all the life skills you will need. You can have the talents, the grades and the contacts to get yourself higher up on the career ladder, but if you don’t have the basic life skills to push yourself, you’re unlikely to use everything open to you to get ahead.

Bournemouth Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy can help you put your very best self forward.

Can you identify with any of the following problems?

• You feel sure you will fare badly in interviews, so you avoid them completely.
• You get really anxious before and during interviews, and actually feel embarrassed speaking about your life skills and successes.
• You avoid speaking to management where possible in your current job as you really feel like it’s only a matter of time before they determine that you’re not worthy of your existing job position.
• You stay away from any networking event because you actually feel unable to converse effectively with others.
• You do not believe that you are good enough to be accepted for a promotion at work, so you don’t bother even trying for it.

If feelings are getting in the way of a career move, hypnosis could help you: Hypnotherapy could help you discover why you actually feel how you truly feel, and most importantly, allow you to move forward.

Where hypnotherapy approaches differ from other therapies such as psychotherapy, is that it enables you to learn connect to your subconscious – the place where any deep rooted problems lie. It isn’t about thinking positively, it’s about creating automatic and appropriate responses to events that previously would have made you actually feel anxious.

Hypnotherapy helps you to:

• Really rely on yourself, your capacities and your capabilities so you feel more confident.
• To talk smoothly, confidently and comfortably in all of life’s situations.
• Acquire awareness into why you would once get anxious and redirect those old responses to more beneficial behaviours.

If you examine your skill set while putting your feelings aside, you may realise that you have all the skills you require to move forward in your career. However, despite the fact that you know this, you don’t really feel it!

If that sounds like you, you might benefit from hypnosis to change the way you feel and hence perform.

Kristian Lees-Bell from Natural Mind Hypnotherapy based in Dorset, explains why in his view hypnotherapy is extremely successful at helping people make long lasting changes that will benefit their career:

“I spent 10 years working in education before becoming a hypnotherapist and one of the things I noticed was that a lot of my peers would be worried about being found out.

It was as though they felt inadequate and hadn’t achieved their positions on merit. Overcoming these anxieties is truly life-changing.”

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