Coping with worry and anxiety

Millions of people suffer with anxiety disorders each and every year. As the pandemic shows no signs of relenting, things have got even tougher…

Many suffer alone, trying really hard to live and cope with this condition without trying to find any help.

Anxiety is an innate part of us all and it can affect us both physically and psychologically. In its normal form it can help us stay alert, communicate danger, and help us with general performance.

Anxiety produces adrenaline that can feel a lot like panic and fear. This adrenaline is the thing that kept our ancestors one step ahead of their predators and is called the ‘fight or flight’ response. Fortunately, we don’t face the same hazards as our ancestors’ but this adrenaline continues to have a purpose today.

Nonetheless, if we endure too much anxiety it may cause us be fearful and worry when there is actually little or nothing to be fearful of.

Feelings like this can have a severe impact on a person’s life and be really long lasting. This sort of anxiousness is, in the main referred to as GAD (generalised anxiety disorder).


Hypnotherapy for anxiety Bournemouth

Common signs of GAD are a constant sense of dread, panic and fear, trouble sleeping, nausea, heart palpitations, dizziness, shaking, an inability to keep calm and in severe cases panic attacks. Just the thought of getting through the day is sufficient to produce anxiousness, and sufferers have no notion of how to stop the worry cycle.

GAD can impact anyone at any time of their life though it is reported to be more common between childhood and middle age.

A great number of people with this condition report they really feel like they’re going insane. They can feel embarrassed and ashamed, believing that nobody could comprehend what they’re experiencing.

They suffer alone and hide their condition from the people near them. They conceal themselves behind a psychological and behavioural mask having lost all faith in their mind and body

Hiding this condition and believing there is no such thing as hope is common practice for plenty of sufferers. But this can actually feed the anxiety and lead it to worsen. Discovering and taking care of the root cause of the issue is the most effective way of eliminating the anxiety.

If there is no longer a reason, there will probably no longer be an effect.

Hypnotherapy for GAD in Bournemouth and Poole

A very effective treatment for GAD is hypnotherapy. Hypnosis helps an individual discover new ways of thinking, feeling and combating their issues.

A hypnotherapist will for the most part, try to reduce a person’s negative thoughts by suggesting beneficial thought processes to the sub-conscious. The mind is a very powerful thing and hypnotherapeutic processes use the resources of our subconscious to regain influence over our thoughts.

Kristian Lees-Bell, a skilled professional hypnotherapist from Natural Mind Hypnotherapy based in Bournemouth, says:

“Half the work I do is anxiety related, and half of those clients also suffer from insomnia.  This year alone I will probably work with over 100 anxiety clients.  It is all too common, but the goods news is  that freedom from anxiety can be achieved in as few as 3 or 4 hypnotherapy sessions”.