The 5 Most Common Anxieties..

Everybody has fears. No matter what age you happen to be, your experience, your sex or religion – fear is part of all of us, it’s what makes us human. Our life expectancy would be much shorter without the benefit of fear.

Fear is designed to keep us safe, it stops us crossing a road when there are cars approaching and it stops us touching a flame or going too close to the edge of a high cliff.

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Fear in itself is a normal emotion, but every now and then it can affect us in a way that hinders our progress and stops us taking pleasure in life as we should, which is when it’s time for us to act. In general, fear is a standard reaction to a circumstance we should be scared about. Fear tells us to be wary and take measures to extract or avoid danger.

In our society, there are five fears that are prevalent;


This is the fear of no longer being here or dying. When we are born our subconscious is designed to keep us alive, so, in all honesty, it would be unwise not to have this fear to some extent.

This fear is primitive and deeply embedded within us all, which is why we all get an increased heart rate or panicky feeling when our lives are in danger, even if, for example, we are looking over the edge of a cliff safely and securely.

Bodily Damage

This is a fear of our body being damaged or changed in an adverse way. Our body is precious to us and we need it in its best form to survive. So when we are frightened of animals and insects like beetles, spiders and even things like jellyfish and crabs it is this fear that could be in play.

Losing control

This is the fear of losing control. Irrespective of whether that’s through being paralysed, overwhelmed or overcome by something which we have no control over.


This is the fear of a loss of connection, or total disconnection from an individual or society itself. It is a fear of being separated from something that we believe is imperative to our self-worth. It is this fear that is the root of a large number of social phobias that flourish today.

Decrease of Status

Being degraded or humiliated can quickly set off this fear. It is where we experience significant feelings that we will lose our integrity, confidence, worth and ability. All of us hold these fears deep within our minds. Somewhere deep within you they sit and wait to help you when they are needed.

Hypnosis to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

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If you think you are experiencing fear or anxiousness that troubles you a great deal more than it should, it’s time for you to take action and reclaim your life.

The beneficial intent behind these fears is to keep us safe and help us to interact appropriately with others.

When fear becomes a phobia or deep seated anxiousness, it’s time to get some help.  Hypnosis for fears and anxiety can be a fantastic help when it comes to treating the reasons behind unnecessary fears.

Most people will try for countless years to tackle these anxieties consciously but a deep rooted ‘fear of the fear’ will probably in general need to be dealt with at the subconscious level which is well within the realm of a skilled hypnotherapist!

Kristian Lees-Bell, a specialist hypnotherapist from Natural Mind Hypnotherapy based in Bournemouth and Dorset, states:

“More than half of the work I do is anxiety related., so this week alone I willprobabaly see about 5 new clients for anxiety-related issues.  No-one chooses to be anxious and the physical symptoms of anxiety can be debilitating. I normally see clients for between 3-6 sessions and the changes achieved are amazing. Clients tell me they have their lives back again”.

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