Hypnotherapy Session

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Many people expect a hypnotherapy session to be a passive process where you just sit in a comfy chair, chill-out, and let the therapist ‘re-program’ your mind. The reality though is that a hypnotherapy session is a collaborative experience where you are always fully in control.

Typically a good hypnotherapist will start a session by finding out a little about you as well as what you would like to achieve during the programme. Therapy will then be tailor-made to your needs.

We talk about what exactly you wish to achieve and within what time frame. Having a specific and inspiring goal will help you keep on track and allows me to assess your progress week after week.

Hypnotherapy is a team game

I believe that all my clients should be active participants in the hypnotherapy session therapy process because it’s a lot more fun and interesting that way. After a few years in practice I realized that the only way I could guarantee long term change for my clients was to leave them with the confidence that even if challenges spring up in the future, they have all the tools and techniques to help themselves and get back on track.

I always give my clients some tasks to do before our next hypnotherapy session together. This could be filling in a thought diary, listening to their own hypnosis track or practicing a technique or exercise they have learned.

Of course this doesn’t mean I forget about someone as soon as they finish my hypnotherapy session programme. Far from it. At Natural Mind I go a step further than most by providing telephone and email support for many months afterwards.

Clients also have the option of having a hypnosis booster session by Skype or telephone if they can’t make it one to one, or prefer the comfort of their home and slippers.

How I work?

I use evidence based techniques and principles from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Coaching Psychology (used by top sportsmen) and Positive Psychology to help make each hypnotherapy session with me unique, fun and totally transformational. For many that means a total life re-tune.

For others it means they can finally start living life freely, without struggle, incessant worrying and exhaustion.

Two Hour Consultation And Discovery  Hypnotherapy Session

At my hypnotherapy practice in Bournemouth,  I currently offer everyone a 2 hour consultation and discovery hypnotherapy session which is effectively free if we decide to work with each other. In that session we have plenty of time to discuss your issue and the opportunity for you to learn in detail what methods or approach will be best for you.

This is invaluable because even if I’m not the right person for you, you will take away with you a plan of what to do next. I designed this 2 hour Consultation to provide you all the answers to your questions and as a fun and relaxing introduction to hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy Session

The first hypnotherapy taster session is short and tailored just for you. It’s a perfect introduction for people who are still a little sceptical or worried about what will happen. A lot of people are open to the process but just need to know the answer to the most important question – Will this hypnotherapy session malarkey actually work for ME?!

The first session at Natural Mind Hypnotherapy will answer that burning question:)

What Does the hypnosis part actually feel like?

The simple answer is that you will most likely be a lot more relaxed in body and mind than you were when you arrived. People usually say that their muscles become nice and loose and tension-free. Their everyday ‘mind chatter’ calms down and it becomes easier to visualize and focus on an enjoyable memory or even ‘see’ themselves looking and feeling happy and confident in the future.

Far from losing control, hypnosis puts you in the driving seat and helps you guide and instruct your mind more powerfully than if you were wide awake. A hypnotherapist is like an expert guide, helping you achieve this quickly and effectively.

Relaxed Body – Calm Mind

It’s very common during or after hypnotherapy sessions for clients to say that their arms or legs felt really lazy or heavy (or even light) and that they knew they could move them if they wanted to but preferred instead to just let go of all the stress and tension that they have been carrying around.

Other people report that although they were aware of everything said during the session, hypnosis feels like having a refreshing nap. It’s really common for clients to say that  hypnosis gives them the opportunity to wind down and concentrate on themselves.

For busy mums or stressed execs, this is invaluable.

The great thing is that during a first hypnotherapy session there is usually no need for you to talk or do anything during hypnosis. All that’s required is an open mind and the ability to listen to the hypnotherapist as he or she guides you gently through the process. 

Hypnotherapy Session Length

Sessions are usually 60 minutes in length and I believe it’s crucial that you make the time to come and see me every 7-10 days during the first few sessions. This is important so we can regularly assess the progress you make and it also means that you get some real momentum going.

Hypnosis Skype sessions and 2 hour intensives

I also offer hypnosis Skype hypnotherapy sessions for people who don’t live locally or are too busy to travel into Bournemouth. Another option is to have an intensive 2 hour session if you find you cannot come every week.

Who do I help?

As a hypnotist in Bournemouth and Poole I can help people with a wide range of issues with a hypnotherapy session but I have a special interest in anxiety and stress management. I used to suffer from stage fright when singing jazz locally on stage and use what I have learned to help others both manage and completely resolve their anxiety.

The issues I have experience in:

  • Hypnotherapy for public speaking and performance anxiety
  • Hypnotherapy for stuttering
  • Hypnotherapy for social anxiety
  • Hypnotherapy for stress at work
  • Hypnotherapy for panic attacks

To start living life to the full again, why not get in touch and call me today on 0798 444 1710 or use the contact box on the website and leave me a message and I’ll get back to you with more information on what an hypnotherapy session can do for you:)