Using hypnotherapy to get rid of addiction to drugs but minus the sweat and tears


Hypnotherapy is most useful when somebody has stopped their narcotic addiction and needs support keeping free of harmful drugs long term. Generally speaking, a large number of hypnotherapy professionals can sort out drug dependency. Nevertheless, you may want to consider selecting a therapist with good knowledge in this area.

Drugs or substance abuse may incorporate legal and illegal drugs and over-the-counter drugs. Non-prescription medicine is easily available – paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine can also be picked up in the corner shop.

There has been a huge increase in the usage of ‘legitimate high’s’ with lots of people young and old  getting hooked on these unknown compounds.

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The kind of drug use does not really matter to some therapists because they believe that all drug abuse is due to a root cause. The requirement to escape and typically a strong consistent drug use are main reasons in the cause of addiction.

There are lots of people presently using mind altering drugs as a means of escaping from the grind of daily life and every one of us feels the need to get away from time to time. Using drugs to achieve this however is unhealthy, not to mention life-threatening. A habitual behaviour is then established if a behaviour is repeated, and our subconscious mind stores this routine and habits are produced.

 Hypnotherapy for addiction – A viable, natural solution

Hypnosis is really an incredible approach that helps individuals who are working to stop their addiction to drugs. Physically the individual is addicted to the narcotic.

On the other hand, that person may also have a powerful need to hide stress and anxiety or depression. At my hypnosis practice in Poole, I will often spend a lot of time dealing with these issues.

I can help my clients regain their natural confidence and self-esteem.

And right at the very centre of the problem is often the deep down fear that they are not ‘good enough’. In fact, whatever the issue I treat, this fear of not being ‘enough’ or not being loveable is very often behind so many problems.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy are often employed alongside one another to make a two pronged approach to healing, finding the root cause, managing it and ultimately reprogramming your brain to function in the way you wish it to.


Typically the conscious mind adds up to a small area of our  mental faculties. The unconscious is a lot more potent as well as being where less than ideal habits are ingrained. For this reason, hypnotherapy that works with the subconscious mind, will let you produce change more quickly when compared with the large majority of other types of solutions.

We may all have a go at consciously ‘thinking positive’ but it’s your inner mind which holds the secret weapon to success.

If you think you may be dependent on drugs, hypnotherapy is something to consider. Before the addiction gets stronger, consider seeing a skilled professional hypnotherapist. Hypnosis for addiction can help you recover and keep free from substance dependency.

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