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According to a recent article in Coach Magazine, many top researchers suggest that sleep is the healthiest nutrient of all. Writer, Josh Burt describes the challenge that insomniacs face in the first paragraph:

‘Anyone who has lay in bed listening to the foxes and burglars going about their nocturnal activities, all the while urging sleep to descend, will know all about the power of this silent foe. It can leave you with a muddled mind and deep dark circles under your eyes.

It can kill your sex drive and spike your hunger, and if left long enough, it can even kill you. For some, the bedroom is a battleground, as the routine rigmarole of attempting to dupe your mind into switching off becomes an Everest of a challenge.

According to the 2013 Bedtime Report produced by the National Bed Federation’s Sleep Council, 47% of Brits admit to being kept up at night by stress, and the typical person averages just six hours and 35 minutes per night, falling well short of the recommendation that we should all be snoring through eight or nine.

Amnesty International has quite rightly listed sleep deprivation as a form of torture, and a recent study by the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service shows that 41% of Brits sleep in the foetal position, presumably because you are all terrified of this dark overlord and yearn to be babies once more.’

Hypnosis for sleep

I haven’t heard of anyone dying just of sleep deprivation but the fact is that insomnia can cause a host of problems if left untreated. Many people just don’t understand why their sleep is poor and how exactly they are reinforcing the problem.

According to Graham Law, honorary secretary of the British Sleep Society; ‘There are lots of different reasons for getting a bad night’s sleep. It may be that they never acquired good sleep habits as a child, and this persisted into adult life. It may be an unresolved psychological problem from a person’s past, or they may be worrying about something. Lots of people suffer from bouts of insomnia because they’re depressed or anxious’.

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Insomnia caused by stress, anxiety and depression

It seems that large numbers of insomniacs report a period of stress or trauma as the prime cause of the problem. In fact, about 75% of cases are due to anxiety or depression. Things get complicated when we also consider that these mental health issues can also be made worse through a lack of quality sleep.

Simply put, if you aren’t sleeping well you are making yourself more vulnerable to anxiety or depression.

How to improve insomnia naturally

Through working with one to one clients suffering from anxiety, I found that so many of these people also suffered from poor sleep. I would say the figure is a conservative 50%.

People with anxiety or chronic stress find it really tough to switch off. They report that it takes them over 30 minutes to get to sleep in the first place. Or they find it difficult to get back to sleep after waking in the early morning.

And it’s not just people with an anxiety or depressive disorder who are prone to bouts of sleeplessness. All of us have experienced a time when we had something important to do the next day and just couldn’t turn off our racing mind’s.

Hypnotherapy for insomnia in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset

hypnosis for stress in Bournemouth

Hypnotherapy for insomnia is a fantastic solution for helping people lower their adrenaline levels and encouraging physical and mental relaxation.

By making use of the right mental imagery, whether it’s floating clouds or a holiday where they felt calm and stress-free, people can train themselves to move more gracefully into sleep.

Hypnosis for insomnia can also be used to guide a person into thinking about their insomnia in a more positive way. We can help the client release any emotional blocks or worries from the past which may have contributed to the issue in the first place.

A client of mine a few years ago saw improvement in just three weeks after I helped him understand exactly how 3 days of poor sleep after the death of his father had sowed the seeds of his insomnia up until then.

Other people find that it’s not necessary to revisit the past and that a regular schedule of self-hypnosis, Mindfulness (another brilliant tool I use) and other suitable relaxing techniques can work magic.

The Better Sleep Retreat

I created a one day workshop or ‘retreat’ to answer the call of the thousands of people out there who are suffering in silence, going through their day well below their best.

There are so many people who could be enjoying more energy, more happiness and greater financial success but are literally sabotaging themselves due to poor quality sleep.

If you don’t wake up feeling refreshed you are not going to be pushing yourself 100% and will not be motivated enough to do the things you need to do.

This is where the the Better Sleep Retreat comes in! 

On April 30th at the Captains Club in Christchurch I will be teaching up to 20 people how they can sleep more soundly at night using the power of their minds. No sleeping pills. No stress. No expensive products required!

Captains Club

At the Better Sleep Retreat, guests will first learn the main reasons why they are not enjoying good quality sleep. Through practical and easy exercises using elements of hypnosis, Mindfulness and CBT, they will learn how to:

  • Reduce the stress or anxiety attached to bad sleep
  • Slow down a racing mind
  • Create the perfect environment for relaxation

And much more…

Just imagine how much easier and brighter your day will look like, once you have overcome insomnia for good. I can’t promise a cure during the Better Sleep Retreat and the journey might take several weeks but I can promise you that your life will not be the same afterwards:)

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Night Night!