Hypnotherapy Bournemouth for insomnia and sleep disorders

It amazes me why hypnosis isn’t the main treatment of choice by the NHS. Obviously, I would make that kind of comment but having helped many people with this issue I know that hypnosis for sleep can be extremely beneficial, especially in the treatment of stress and anxiety related insomnia.

Hypnosis for sleep

Of course, it is important to visit your GP to rule out a physical cause of your sleep problems, but the fact remains that most sufferers just don’t bother going to the GP in the first place. They presume that doctors don’t have the time and resources to give personalised help. And they would be right.

GP’s usually dread seeing people with sleep issues because the only current solution they have is medication which does nothing to cure the underlying problem. Insomniacs don’t want to become dependent on these drugs and know that they will have to keep on going back to the GP if they want more.

Hypnosis for insomnia is a safe and very practical solution. In a hypnotherapy session, a client will learn how to better relax and release muscle tension. This prepares the body for more restful sleep.

Hypnotherapy can be used to address the psychological issues and traumas that a person has faced. Over 75% of insomniacs report that a stressful or traumatic life event or series of events coincided with their sleep problems.

Hypnotherapy to improve sleep

The research suggests that everyone has the potential to be an insomniac if that person’s stress and anxiety levels are unmanageable or exceed a threshold. And even if we don’t suffer long-term sleeplessness, even transient or short-term lack of sleep can affect our relationships, thinking and general well-being.

Reducing stress can improve your sleep

Hypnotherapy can help people reduce their stress levels naturally, which results in the body being better able to stand down from its fight of flight mode and relax. Hypnosis for sleep can also help you associate bedtime and the bedroom with sleep and relaxation.

I teach people to use their mind’s to expect great sleep and to better focus on how good sleep will feel.

My clients play calmer, happier ‘mental movies’ in their heads which also calms the brain and the body.

After a few weeks, the client ‘re-learns’ how to go to sleep. And then, like anything else it becomes a habit!

Insomnia workshops in Bournemouth, Dorset

sleep workshop

If you would like to learn how to sleep better at night and wake up feeling your best, I have a solution. Starting in April, I’ll be running a one day, sleep workshop designed to give you all the mental tools you need to beat insomnia – for good!

In just one day, take that first step to increased energy, confidence and success at home and at work.

For more information and to book your tickets click this link or call Kristian on 07984441710