Hypnosis in Bournemouth, Dorset


After beginning my hypnotherapy business in Bournemouth, Dorset I was surprised at the quantity of clients I saw with anxiety and panic, far more than I was expecting. A lot of my initial clients seemed to have anxiety based problems, like travelling fears, presentation nerves, social anxiety and problems going out alone.


Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth, Dorset


Initially, I believed that because my practice is in Bournemouth I would only be attracting clients from the neighborhood  but, as time has gone by, I get an increasing number from areas including Southampton, Ringwood, and even some from London.

The power of hypnotherapy means that I have been able to work effectively with issues like:

Alcohol consumption

Irritable bowel syndrome


Presentation nerves

Self esteem

Social anxiety

Sports enhancement eg- golf and tennis

Plus many, many more.

I like to think that by helping local people overcome these challenges, I’ve helped to make Bournemouth  just a little bit happier.

It’s not essential to let the things that happened to you, from the first moment you left the womb until now, have a lasting effect and hypnosis is a very effective tool that will help you create the transformation you need to make your life better.

Does it sound as though a hypnotic approach could help you? If you think it might, why not contact me and we can have an informal chat on the phone or face to face.

Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth