Hypnotherapy for confidence and self-esteem

We are all shaped by hypnotic suggestion from the day we were born. Some of this suggestion is positive and beneficial but some is not. For example, were you perhaps told to ‘finish your plate’ before leaving the table or that you wouldn’t get any pudding until you had finished? I bet many of you wish you could now leave food on your plate and not feel ‘guilty’ or still feel hungry? These earlier suggestions have ‘conditioned’ or programmed us to follow unhealthy behaviours, even though we know very well that they are not doing us any favours!

Another way we hypnotherapy for anxietiescan become conditioned negatively is through criticism – by siblings, peers or parents. Through this criticism we can come to believe that we are not ‘good enough’ in some way. In fact, I’d say that the large majority of the clients I see at Natural Mind share this negative belief. It is almost universal. The most common fears I see are:

  1. Fear of criticism

  2. Fear of failure

  3. Fear of judgement

All of these negative beliefs can lead to Social Phobia including blushing, exam freeze, presentation nerves, nail biting, general anxiety disorder(GAD), panic attacks and even depression. These beliefs have a large impact on things such as self-esteem and confidence.

Sometimes when self- esteem and self-worth are low enough or the person has just ‘had enough’ they will take action and do something about it. This is the type of person I see at Natural Mind Hypnotherapy all the time. By using hypnotherapy I am able to gradually change the central or ‘core’ belief of the person not being ‘good enough’. Although not a process that is usually accomplished in a single session, it is absolutely essential to achieve so to help the person finally shake of all the negative ‘programming’ and beliefs that have been holding them back. Unless this happens, real, lasting change is unlikely.

Just a few weeks ago I worked with a lovely lady who had lost her husband just a few years before but had approached me for weight loss. From the very first session she criticised herself for not doing enough exercise, not eating what she knew she should be eating and basically just feeling she had let herself down. She was really frustrated and angry with herself. The problem though as I explained, was that, in this state of mind there was very little chance she was going to be able to lose weight. By beating herself up about the problem she was making herself feel even worse which meant that she kept on indulging in the one thing that was readily available and gave her pleasure (she thought)- food! Over the coming weeks, I helped her become more confident about herself. She also began to realize that cakes and chocolate, as nice as they are on occasion will NEVER be the substitute for love and happiness. She began to start doing all those things she used to enjoy and within 6 sessions had lost 12 pounds and gained a new positive outlook.

If you are lacking in confidence and self-esteem or just need an extra boost in life, please give me a call on 0798 444 1710 or email me at kristian@naturalmindhypnotherapy.co.uk

Bye for now!