Why do hypnotherapy approaches work so effectively?

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Let’s face it. I know for a fact that a lot of people wonder if hypnosis actually works. Sure, they may have been to a hypnosis show or watched a bit of Paul Mckenna but when it comes to considering it as a viable choice for therapy or self-help they are still on the fence.

As a hypnotherapist myself I’m rather biased but the fact is that scientific tests have established that hypnosis has a substantial influence on the brain.

New research at Stanford University

Research conducted at Stanford University concluded that the part of the brain that acknowledges colour had an increase in activity when volunteers were told they were viewing coloured objects whilst under hypnosis. However these objects were not coloured at all but were black and white!

This response didn’t occur outside hypnosis and strongly suggests that hypnosis works by assessing specific areas of the brain to achieve changes in perception.

Do you know someone who ‘sees’ things in black and white or through rose-tinted glasses? In my opinion they have just been successfully hypnotized- by themselves.

The fact is that even when people see or experience the same things, whether it be a concert, film, book or movie, we all make sense of these through our unique filter of perception.

Some people get cut up by a reckless driver and feel grumpy the whole day. Others ‘filter out’ their annoyance and get on with their day as cheerfully as before.

I’m reminded of a fascinating psychology experiment whereby volunteers who had previously watched slides about money and who had to unscramble words or phrases related to money ended up giving less to charity and being less helpful to others!

This kind of effect is called ‘priming’ by psychologists and has been replicated by other researchers.

In another experiment, one group of people simply read a list of adjectives associated with getting old and aging.

The result? When they left the room they actually moved like old people! They walked much more slowly, some even with slightly arched backs:)

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So quite frankly, if these effects are scientifically proven why do people still not ‘get’ hypnotherapy?!

Put simply, hypnotherapy is one of the best and reliable ways to produce this priming effect. It can help anyone to change their own beliefs, perceptions and outdated thoughts and fears.

Top sports people would be rather less successful if they were’t so skilled at hypnotizing themselves to succeed.

Hypnotherapy cannot wipe out old memories, change your personality or make you rob a bank (if it could then why am I not filthy rich?) but it can help you change your ‘filter of perception’ so that you focus on benefits, strengths and ‘good stuff’ instead of fears, criticism and the negative.

When you are feeling more confident and positive, it’s a lot easier to find solutions to problems and overcome challenges which have proved insurmountable in the past.

Using hypnotherapy, behaviours can be re-modelled. Most fears and worries stem from views and feelings that we know are irrational. With the support of a trained hypnotherapist, you can regain a positive outlook and lift the constraints that you’ve placed on yourself.

It’s not unusual for my smoking hypnotherapy clients for instance to talk about being ‘imprisoned’ by cigarettes. Or that they want to feel ‘free’ again. These perceptions and beliefs are often what help reinforce the habit and my job is to use the person’s imagination to change this forever.

Hypnosis in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset

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This blog is partly based on a study undertaken at Stanford University- http://news.stanford.edu/news/2000/september6/hypnosis-96.html