Quote of the Day

‘Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything’

George Bernard Shaw


The fact is that your brain hates to be wrong and it fires off a series of chemical responses that can make you feel uncomfortable. It take courage to ignore these feelings and doubts and admit our mistakes but it is a new thought or insight that can help us live more successfully.

Hypnotherapy Bournemouth and Poole

At my hypnotherapy clinic I use proven techniques which I have honed over the years to help people discover these insights for themselves. Hypnotherapy is not about sitting down in a chair and being zapped or programmed to ‘behave’ differently. We aren’t robots (at least not yet!).

Hypnotherapy works by helping you use your imagination to focus more powerfully on a new thought, idea or feeling. It helps you first quiet the mind and slow down the distractions that get in the way of change.

How does hypnotherapy DO that you ask?

The answer?? It doesn’t – you do!

That doesn’t mean of course that you do all the work in a hypnosis session or that hypnosis is hard work.

My job is to guide you easily and with the least amount of effort to find your own solutions and insights and release all the negative thoughts or beliefs that hold you back. Hypnosis calms a busy, overanalytical mind and by using your imagination in specific ways, you can ‘reprogram’ yourself to focus on the positive.

The brain is a creature of habit but if you give it a compelling alternative (a new thought, insight or belief) then it will usually drop the old negative behaviour and adopt the new one.

If you would like to learn more about my hypnotherapy clinic in Bournemouth and Poole, please get in touch. You can also download a free mp3 audio and tip-sheet which will give you a really good idea as to how hypnosis can help you:)