Are you a smoker and want to quit? Perhaps you’ve seen the advertisements for the Stoptober campaign by the NHS to encourage people to stop smoking throughout the month of October?

hypnotherapy for smoking

Now if you’re already geared up for October and have plenty of support- I wish you the very best of luck. But if you’re worrying that pure willpower alone might not be enough then I’d love to help:)

Hypnotherapy for smoking

Hypnosis has an outstanding level of success in helping people to stop smoking forever. A study that was carried out by the University of Iowa and then published in the “New Scientist” showed that hypnotherapy was the most effective method of giving up smoking.

You are five times more likely to break the habit with hypnosis than by willpower alone and are twice as likely to remain smoke-free after two years

Patches and gum have significantly lower rates of success than hypnotherapy.The reason? – They don’t address the psychological factors that keep you smoking.

As a lot of my clients tell me, their smoking habit is often automatic. For example, they might reach for a cigarette as soon as they wake up, when they have a cup of tea or when they see someone else light up. Put simply, thesubconscious mindhas ‘learned’ that smoking is just something that they do – like brushing their teeth.

Smokers might also reach mindlessly for a cigarette (or roll one) when stressed, tired or emotional. In this case the smoking habit provides some kind of benefit. Perhaps an excuse to take a breather (not the best method..!) be alone with their thoughts or provide relaxation (if increased heart rate = relaxation?!)

The truth is though, there are LOTS of far better ways for you to get the same benefits than smoking tobacco. At Natural Mind, I can help you forget about ‘giving up’ something so you can focus instead on all the things you’ll GAIN:

  • improved health and a longer life.
  • reduced stress
  • better relationships
  • better skin, nails and hair
  • more money for the important things in life!

And if you have kids, well it’s a no-brainer really isn’t it?

Put simply- if you really want to stop smoking without putting on weight or feeling irritable, then hypnotherapy may well be the answer.

Natural Mind Hypnotherapy stop smoking programme:

The Natural Mind smoking programme is very straightforward. You receive a single 2 hour session with a FREE 1 hour booster session if you require it (in the unlikely event that you need an extra boost!)


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