Most people know what they should be doing to enjoy better sleep. They have heard that baths are relaxing, exercise is essential and that caffeine can keep them awake. What’s less well known is how you prepare mentally for healthy sleep.

Try these easy steps to prepare your mind for sleep


Plan for success

Instead of making insomnia into a mental monster (I’ve met a few people who even imagine it like this), try visualising what a good nights’ sleep looks and feels like to you.

Using your imagination, see yourself relaxing beautifully before going to bed and waking up feeling refreshed and happy. Self-hypnosis audios are a good way to practice this.

Ditch or defer the worries

Many poor sleepers wake up in the early morning and find that they are still worrying about all the things they need to take care of. Before you go to bed, try writing down a list of these tasks, worries or concerns in a journal or notebook.

When you finish, say to yourself that you can come back to it tomorrow, but for now you can just put them out of your mind as you put them away in a drawer or filing cabinet.

Learn progressive relaxation

This is a famous and simple technique to release body tension and calm the mind. First, find a comfortable chair or lie on your bed with your eyes closed.

Now, use your imagination to feel the tension and tightness in each body part (starting with the top of the head), and then feel that part relaxing and letting go of that tension.

You could imagine feeling really loose and limp, like a rag doll as you send the relaxation all the way down to your toes.

Hypnotherapy for insomnia



Hypnotherapy for insomnia in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset


Hypnotherapy isn’t the only natural solution to treat insomnia but it may well be one of the best.

The British Medical Association (BMA) agree that hypnosis for insomnia has a strong evidence base and that it is especially effective for sleep problems which are stress and anxiety related.

Hypnosis audio tracks are a good way to sample a hypnotherapist’s approach and see whether his or her voice will annoy the hell out of you or not! I always do my best to sound more, Barry White than Elma Fudd. If you would like to receive a free hypnosis track and tip-sheet from me click here –

Insomnia help in Dorset – The Better Sleep Retreat!


Sleep Retreat


If you want to improve the quality of your sleep without the need for pills or expensive gadgets, I am holding a one-day, one of a kind sleep workshop or ‘retreat’ which will take you from lethargic and run-down to Energiser Bunny as easily as possible.

This day is perfect for:

  • Parents who are juggling a thousand plates who are waking up tired and uninspired
  • Women going through menopause who suffer from insomnia
  • Anyone who can’t switch off at night or stay asleep
  • People with depression or chronic stress or anxiety

Joining me on this day is renowned UK nutritionist Barbara Cox who will share the research on which foods can help make or break your sleep cycle.

Barbara Cox

This is the only sleep workshop which deals with both mind-set and nutrition over one day in beautiful surroundings.

Check it out here by clicking the link below: