Using Hypnotherapy for children

There are many children’s problems that hypnotherapy can possibly help with. Children are also usually
excellent at doing hypnosis naturally as they have strong imagination’s which means that they can experience the
benefits usually without having to close their eyes or take twenty minutes to get into a relaxed state like an adult might!

As a hypnotherapist, I can help your child use this mental agility and curiosity to help them create healthier thoughts
and feelings. Hypnotherapy at Natural Mind is all about giving children the tools to enjoy greater
personal freedom and control.

Simple mind management and relaxation techniques can help your child enjoy greater control over the way they
react to challenges and day to day stress. Once children understand more about the problem and realise they have some control over it, progress is often quick and effortless.


hypnotherapy for children

An effective approach to hypnotherapy for children and teens

Generally speaking my approach with children and young adults is to use a solution-focused approach. This means
that in therapy, I focus on the here and now and what the child wants to experience in the future.A solution-focused approach is very safe as there is no obligatory ‘going back to the past’ or unnecessary time spent uncovering past memories.

Some solution-focused questions that I might ask your child (depending on their age of course) in the preliminary session might be;
• In a perfect world what would you like me to help you do?
• If you had three wishes to change the way things are, what would you wish for?
• Suppose you had some time to talk to your favourite movie character/hero about how they could help you
solve the problem. What would be different in your life?

Hypnotherapy for children at Natural Mind is all about helping your child understand how they themselves have the ability to exert control over their thoughts and feelings. This results in greater self-confidence and reduced stress and anxiety.

Some common issues that I help with:

• School anxiety
• Low self-esteem
• Behavioural issues
• Bad habits such as nail biting and thumb sucking
• Sleep issues
• Anxiety and stress issues
• Bullying

Hypnotherapy for children sessions

Hypnotherapy for children takes place more quickly than with adults. For very young children I usually
fi nd that 30-45 minutes is enough but of course it depends on your child and their concentration and boredom threshold limits!

One thing I have learned is that although a treatment plan is important, working with children is filled with
surprises and flexibility is essential. I never presume that an eight- year old will have a short attention span and won’t be able to relax.

Sometimes younger children are fantastic at mind and body relaxation and can put their parents to shame! I have
even held relaxation competitions between parent and child and this usually motivates them pretty well!

How many sessions are needed?

As with adults, it is difficult to put an exact number on sessions without first meeting face to face but an average
number would be 3-6 sessions. It is not unusual for a child or teen to make tremendous progress after just one or
two appointments.

Next Steps?

If you would like to talk about your child’s individual challenges why not give me a call on 0798 444 1710 or use the contact page on the site and drop me a message!ojns are required?