Does hypnosis really work?

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When some people think of hypnotherapy, visions of moving pocket watches may be the first thing they think of, together with the words ‘you are feeling sleepy… very drowsy’. Or possibly they remember seeing stage hypnosis TV programs where people in the crowd are made to act like buffoons.

Far from being a type of entertainment, clinical hypnosis can offer people the opportunity to break damaging and tiresome habits, such as overeating or smoking, by using the unconscious mind.

Nevertheless, it’s sensible to ask;  ‘Does hypnotherapy actually work?’ If you’re serious about going to see a hypnotherapist it’s definitely worth spending the time to find out about the real rewards hypnotherapy can provide.

How does hypnosis  work?

By dealing with the subconscious mind and using the effectiveness of suggestion, a hypnotherapist can help people re-programme unhelpful thinking with new beneficial thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The unconscious mind takes note of everything we have observed or encountered, as opposed to the conscious mind which quickly forgets the majority of our memories. A hypnotic approach works by helping people access these hidden images and beliefs to generate new, improved thoughts and behaviours.

A popular belief is that hypnotherapists make people fall asleep. What actually occurs is that the client is guided into a state of strong relaxation and focused attention. In this ‘trance’ state, my hypnosis clients are at their most imaginative and focused.

It’s not unusual for clients to finish a hypnosis session and remark that they’ve ‘never been so focused and calm’ or that they now feel like something ‘has changed‘.

This ‘change’ is not something that as  a hypnotist I do ‘to them’. My job  is to expertly guide my clients into hypnosis and use positive suggestions and the clients own imagination to find solutions to their problem. This fact reassures some clients who still wrongly believe that a hypnotist ‘controls’ your mind or can magically turn on or turn off a ‘switch’ in your mind on a whim..

And think about it. If I really could control people’s minds then I’d have my own hypnotic island retreat and be charging Sir Richard Branson for the privilege of my company. Next Year perhaps….

I’ll be honest with you though. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool, with a strong evidence base, but at the end of the day, my success depends on the the relationship I enjoy with my client. At Natural Mind, I make a point of stressing that hypnotherapy is a ‘team game’; success depends on the skill of the therapist but also the commitment and open-mindedness of the client.

Yes, dramatic breakthroughs do happen in one session but the clients who enjoy long-term benefits are usually the one’s who decide to commit 100% to the process. That doesn’t mean that people need to believe hypnosis is the answer to their prayers, but it does require them to be motivated and committed to change.

At my practice in Dorset, I feel it is very important to work together with people to set realistic goals and outcomes, much like a sports coach. I give my clients ‘homework’ when appropriate and I have never yet had a complaint!

Some of my clients have told me that before their first hypnosis session they expected just to sit in a comfy chair and go to sleep. And don’t get me wrong- hypnosis can be extremely relaxing! But when they realized that their participation was a crucial part of the process it made the sessions more inspiring, more interesting and a lot more fun for them.

Better still, these people can now carry on with their lives armed with some incredibly effective tools and techniques which will help them reduce stress, boost confidence and strengthen resilience in countless situations.

A truly effective approach

More and more people are giving hypnotherapy a try and realizing the lasting changes it can provide. Quite a few celebrities have also taken advantage of visiting a hypnotherapist for a selection of problems; such as Matt Damon, Jack Dee, Sophie Dahl, Simon Cowell and Kate Middleton.

Despite the fact that a hypnotic approach might have only recently received widespread awareness, it is far from a new strategy – at the end of the 19th century, a commissioned study by the British Medical Association (BMA) discovered that “as a therapeutic agent hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments [i.e. psycho-somatic complaints and anxiety disorders].” Even Einstein used hypnotherapy!

With endorsement for hypnotherapy spanning over 100 years, plus so many people who swear it has changed their lives, this technique offers a common sense solution to help people let go of problem behaviour’s and start living happier lives.

Hypnotherapy Bournemouth, Dorset

Kristian Lees-Bell- Hypnotist in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset

If you are serious about letting go of outdated and let’s be honest…. exhausting negative habits and behaviours, then why not take action in 2014?

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Good luck for 2014!