Hypnosis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Quite a few people are affected by panic attacks, something which can at first appear very distressing and can come with pains in the chest and lack of breath. Anxiety and panic attacks can have numerous causes and sometimes they aren’t obvious. Research shows that difficult circumstances, or stressful life circumstances, can increase levels of stress and bring on panic and anxiety attacks.

hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks

Hypnotherapy can help anxiety and panic

Regrettably, people can undergo panic attacks suddenly and for no apparent reason. Everyone has a natural fight or flight response that stimulates the release of adrenaline when we find ourselves in scenarios where we sense danger and feel the need protect ourselves.

Anxiety attacks cause avoidance behaviours which can limit a person’s life. It can cause worry, stress and anxiety, as you don’t know where or when a panic and anxiety attack could happen.

You may also find yourself avoiding going to certain restaurants where you fear may bring about a panic attack, and countless people become isolated because they’re afraid to go out at all. Panic attacks can thereby reduce confidence, create further emotional stress, and depression can often set in due to this persistent worrying.

 Due to our fast-paced and pressure-cooker lifestyle, anxiety is becoming a widespread issue…

Being with an individual who is experiencing a panic attack can be frightening but is far worse for the person struggling with it. 1 in 10 of us will go through panic attacks in our lifetime. When a person has panic disorder, they live each day with the fear of having an anxiety attack and this becomes hugely problematic.

Medical practitioners can prescribe medication to help with panic attacks and stress, but this only helps with the symptoms, not the cause. A hypnotic approach for panic attacks aims to completely remove the underlying issues generating the individual’s panic and anxiety attacks.

Hypnosis can help people change unhelpful beliefs at an unconscious level which can then bring about dramatic behavioural change in the situations where they used to experience anxiety. The end result is that the panic attack doesn’t get triggered in the first place.

 Hypnosis for anxiety in Poole, Dorset.

Hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks is a very effective option to conventional treatment. Hypnotherapy uses a combination of hypnosis and CBT to calm the mind and create more appropriate patterns of behaviour to help shake off the feelings of fear. By altering behaviours within the subconscious mind, it really is possible to achieve just about anything.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping clients to change behaviours. A hypnotic approach is used to treat quite a few physical and mental problems. These may include emotional stress, depression, tinnitus, low confidence, as well as problems such as smoking and weight management.