Hypnosis for improving relationships at work

Improving relationships at work – A client case study

One client I saw many years ago, suffered from acute anxiety whenever he happened to come into contact with a particular colleague. After chatting, he told me that these anxious thoughts had probably come about after a heated disagreement in a meeting when they first met.

Even though the client had now partly resolved the issue with his colleague many months before, his anxiety still lay in wait. It got to the point where he spent the whole day thinking of how he would avoid seeing his colleague.

Treatment for this client involved teaching him how to do mental rehearsal through self-hypnosis. In the same way that an athlete ‘sees’ herself crossing the finishing line first, my client was taught how to imagine seeing himself walking past this colleague feeling calm and in control.

hypnotherapy for work stress

After practising this a few times it was then very easy to step things up and see himself talking confidently to his colleague and even making a joke about their misunderstanding.

If I had asked him to imagine this different scenario within the first 5 minutes of him walking through the door, he would have rejected the idea and told me that it was just not possible.

Using hypnosis, he was able to relax and focus his mind sufficiently to experiment with a new way of thinking about the issue.

Hypnosis for relationships at work

Is there a person in you life who constantly criticizes you and makes your life difficult? Perhaps you feel anxious as soon as they open their mouths?

  • Close your eyes and take a few gentle deep breaths.
  • Imagine yourself at work with this person and in the same room. See that person in your mind being extra annoying making sure the image in your mind is in 3D and in colour.
  • Now imagine that you can freeze this image or mental movie. Everything except for yourself is now frozen in time, except yourself.
  • Imagine now that you can walk around this annoying person so that you now see the back of their head. Move slowly and gently up to them, place your hands on their shoulders (be gentle!) and whisper quietly in one ear the words, ‘Quiet, that’s enough from you’!  Some of my clients prefer to imagine taping the person’s mouth closed with brown tape so they can’t even respond. Obviously it is important that you don’t entertain any unethical or overly aggressive scenarios in your imagination but there is nothing wrong with being creative when you do this!

Make it Micky Mouse…

Another idea is to change the persons tone of voice in your mind. If you imagine the person who makes you anxious or uncomfortable, I bet even the sound of their voice makes you feel on edge? Is it a naggy, sarcastic or an aggravated tone of voice?

If you were to put some Micky Mouse ears on the person and have their voice sound just as high-pitched and silly as Micky’s , does this change the way you feel about the person, even slightly? If not, try slowing their voice down so that it sounds really dozy and sleepy. Now how do you feel?

Once you find a voice that works for you, it’s time to practice imagining that person speaking and acting just like this whenever you think about them!

Obviously this may not be quite enough to cure your anxiety but you would be surprised at how a technique which seems simple and seemingly trivial can nudge your thinking in a different direction.

Let me know if this works for you..