Hypnotherapy for hypertension – The ‘Hypnotension’ programme

Hypertension is often called the ‘silent killer’ for a good reason. It causes about 60% of all strokes and is responsible for 45% of Coronary Heart Disease deaths. A worrying fact is that more than half of all people with hypertension don’t have it under control since there are often no warning signs.

Other health risks:

Women who smoke and also have elevated blood pressure are twenty times more liabHypnotherapy can helple to have a brain bleed in contrast to non-smoking men with healthy blood pressure, according to a recent study. A bleed in the brain is frequently caused from a burst aneurysm, which is a pouch that’s filled with blood in the wall of a blood vessel. However, some never rupture. At present doctors aren’t able to tell which of them will.

Probably the most common cause of a haemorrhage is a ruptured aneurysm. With the way things stand at this moment doctors usually struggle to figure out beforehand which ones will and which will not. The study by Helsinki University Central Hospital and Australian School of Advanced Medicine reveals that the risk of a haemorrhage varies greatly, depending on particular risk factors, such as, gender, smoking and blood pressure levels.

The study demonstrated that female tobacco smokers and individuals with high blood pressure levels are definitely the most likely to see their aneurysm rupture. The research is the largest ever conducted into brain haemorrhage risks. What’s more, it identified 3 new risks:

1) Prior heart attack

2) A history of stroke in the patients mother.

3) Higher cholesterol in males

It had previously been established that chosen lifestyle factors influence the life span of brain haemorrhage survivors. However, it has now also been revealed that they also influence the threat from the haemorrhage occurring in the first place. Previous research projects have established that individuals with type 1 diabetes have an abnormally high risk of brain haemorrhages that are not caused by burst aneurysms.

Brain haemorrhages are lethal in 40 to 50 per cent of cases.

 ˜We hope that our studies truly help doctors and patients, and are not only of interest around coffee tables on university campuses, says neurosurgeon Professor Miikka Korja, at Macquarie University Hospital, Sydney.

Hypnosis is particularly pertinent to those people within the high risk category since it’s very successful at working with both smoking and high blood pressure. Hypnosis can help individuals alleviate high blood pressure by using the Hypnotension programme, designed specifically to tackle lifestyle factors such as –  smoking, weight, alcohol consumption, salt consumption and stress.These are just some of the lifestyle factors that are known to contribute to, and maintain elevated blood pressure levels.

Hypnotherapy for smoking and hypertension

As a qualified Hypnotension practitioner I have expertise in assisting clients to reduce their elevated blood pressure levels as well as helping people stop smoking, easily and painlessly!

If you’ve got either elevated blood pressure and/or smoke cigarettes, why not give me a call on 0798 44 1710 or email me at kristian@naturalmindhypnotherapy.co.uk and I’ll be pleased to help you with both:)

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