How I became a hypnotherapist

Stage fright nightmare…

I’ve always loved singing but it was not until I discovered hypnotherapy I stopped being terrified of being on stage. My stage fright started five years ago during my first ever live performance singing ‘Fly Me To The Moon’. I remember the pounding heart, a mind which felt like it was covered in thick fog and an extreme self-consciousness that equalled four minutes of torture. To make matters worse, as I tried to adjust the microphone stand, I sliced the skin off my thumb and had to stem the flow of blood while struggling to remember the words and wishing I was literally, on the moon!

A new career

I spent the next six months trying everything to conquer my fear of the stage. Deep breathing, positive self-talk, Indian Head massage and even a ‘lucky tie’. Nothing really made a difference. That is until I attended a talk on hypnosis. Here, I learned that my stage fright had just become my mind’s default setting but that I could change it, to a feeling which was much more relaxing and enjoyable. I was able to overcome the anxiety and start enjoying my singing again. In fact I found that I had a lot more control over my emotions and was so much happier and relaxed. One year later I made the decision to become a full-time hypnotherapist in Bournemouth.


It’s been a  good few years now and I don’t regret my decision!  I’ve helped hundreds of clients let go of fears, anxiety and phobias. I’ve helped people become more confident, happy and a lot less stressed.

I’ve also helped myself (I’m the debonaire jazz man on the left in the pic. My brother is on the left!) As well as becoming a confident performer I have gained an enormous boost of self-confidence in many other areas of my life. I use self-hypnosis regularly to reduce stress and cope better with lifes ups and downs!

Even though there are many people who need my help but are unsure about taking the first step, I’m confident that in the next few years, hypnotherapy will become THE therapy of choice. The reason? It works!

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Talk soon:)