How to actually achieve your New Years Resolutions

So Christmas is over, and if you are like many people, chances are the goose is now a little fatter (I’m quite happy I only put on 3 pounds!) and it’s no surprise that New Year finds us making New Years resolutions to help our health.

Over the festive season it’s the done thing  to splurge both on food and drink and not just on Christmas day. Christmas events and New Year’s festivities are prime culprits – the results are generally evident on our waistline and when we get on the scales.

hypnotherapy for smoking

It’s this evidence and the knowledge of what we did to our body over the last few weeks that drives us to start thinking about making some changes. The top three issues that we try to tackle are drinking, what we eat and of course smoking. But, how productive are our results?

The issue is that stopping cigarette smoking, ditching the booze and reducing weight all require substantial behavioural change. This is something which human beings are just not very good at. We have a large capacity to learn, but limited capacity to unlearn.

Can you unlearn how to ride a bike, drive a car or even walk?

So there’s the issue; just how do you make these changes, and more importantly create long-term changes in your thinking and habits? How can hypnotherapy really make a difference? The only way to unlearn a behaviour is to put a new behaviour in its place (overwrite the old behaviour with a new one).

Because a hypnotic approach gives us access to the subconscious mind, where we believe our behaviours are located and sustained, we can suggest new thought processes that can successfully overwrite the existing ones.

Suppose you normally stop at the supermarket on the way home from work to grab a bottle of wine and perhaps some ice cream and/or a chocolate bar as a treat after a difficult day, or maybe you just feel like it and say ‘sod it’.!

With hypnotherapy, a skilled therapist can help you to forget that behaviour and maybe you can just go by without considering it at all. The same goes for cigarette smoking and weight reduction and, in fact, almost any behavioural change you want to make.

hypnotherapy for weight loss

How would your waistline transform if you just stopped fancying the carbs like bread, potatoes, biscuits, desserts, pasta and cereals?

How easy would it be to stop smoking  if you just didn’t fancy a cigarette any more and if you begun to think of yourself as a non-smoker? Wouldn’t it be great to stop making and breaking the usual resolutions every year?

That’s what it means to make transformations at an subconscious level. That’s because making subconscious change is more potent than a half hearted drunken New Year vow.

2015 ‘Rapid Change’ coaching sessions

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hypno manLet’s have a fantastic 2015!