Treat panic attacks naturally 


In any given year about 1-2 % of the population suffer from panic disorder. Because of the nature of modern life and its increasing pace and challenges, anxiety and stress have also become worryingly common.

Panic attacks can be very distressing and can come with pains in the chest, dizziness and shortness of breath. Anxiety and panic attacks can have numerous causes and are not always obvious.

how to treat hypnotherapy naturally

Research shows that difficult circumstances can increase levels of stress and bring on panic and anxiety attacks. Regrettably, people can experience panic attacks suddenly and for no apparent reason.

Everyone has a natural fight or flight response that stimulates the release of adrenaline when we find ourselves in scenarios where we sense danger and feel the need protect ourselves.

The problem with anxiety is that this fight or flight response is overstimulated and can lead to huge amounts of worry and stress even when someone is not in immediate danger.

Anxiety attacks cause avoidance behaviours which can limit a person’s life. An attack can be an exhausting experience as there is no way of predicting where or when a panic and anxiety attack could happen.

When a person has panic disorder, they live each day with the fear of having an attack and this becomes hugely problematic.

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks can help completely remove the underlying issues contributing to a persons panic and anxiety symptoms.

A hypnotic approach has the power to change beliefs at a subconscious level and that can bring about behavioural change in the situations where someone previously could have had a panic attack. The result? The panic attack is now dead in it’s tracks…

Kristian Lees-Bell, a clinical hypnotherapist located in Bournemouth, Dorset, believes that ‘A hypnotic tactic trains the customer to respond more appropriately to conditions that in the past might have caused anxiety’

It helps to build confidence for their future efforts and provides them with new powerful techniques to be more in control of their mind and body’.

Hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks is an effective alternative to conventional treatment. Few people are aware of just how effective it can be which is really surprising considering the growing amounts of scientific evidence showing hypnosis as one of the best ways to treat panic attacks naturally.

There really is no need to restrict yourself to a lifetime of misery, expense and dependence on prescription medicine.

Treat Panic attacks naturally with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy uses a combination of hypnosis and CBT to calm the mind and create more appropriate patterns of behaviour to help shake off the feelings of fear.

By altering behaviours within the subconscious mind, it really is possible to achieve just about anything.

Hypnotherapy is amazingly effective at helping clients to change negative or outdated behaviours. Hypnosis is used to treat numerous physical and mental problems. Some such as smoking cessation are well-known but did you know that it can also be enormously effective in reducing stress at work, improving your relationships,  alleviating depression, improving tinnitus symptoms, boosting confidence and losing weight?

Treat panic attacks naturally in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset

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