Weight Loss Online – The Power of Hypnosis!

Do you now have a lock-down body?!

Have you managed to acquire ‘quarantine15’ (the average poundage taken on during lockdown)?

Or have you always struggled with weight throughout your life, particularly as middle age approaches?

You’ve most likely tried every diet out there, every fad, and each celebrity-endorsed product. And then you find that NONE of them really work, at least in the long-term…

Everyone knows the negative affects of holding too much weight. It hits in so many places; our health, our relationships, our confidence, our mental wellbeing, and our whole identity.


Weight loss hypnotherapy

Regaining control of your habits and relationship to food requires deep level CHANGE.

The use of hypnosis over a four-week  program can completely shift the mindset, habits, and behaviours that have been acquired over a lifetime. Sometimes, using willpower is an uphill struggle…

Using weight loss hypnosis, new foundations can be put into place to alter and transform the way you think about food – forever!

Whether your weight gain is recent, or you have battled with excess weight your whole life, hypnosis can change:

  • how you think about food
  • your mindset and behaviour towards food
  • habits and portion size
  • your choice of food
  • motivation to exercise

Weight loss hypnosis will give you a foundation for a life-changing new relationship with food that will help you become the person you want to be.


hypnotherapist Bournemouth

My Weight Loss Hypnosis program can take place online via Zoom or at my consutling centre in Bournemouth, Dorset. This means you can be part of the program from wherever you are in the world, in the comfort of your home (and pyjamas)..

For details of how to book your place on Weight Loss Online or face to face , contact me on kristian@naturalmindhypnotherapy.co.uk or call/text 07984441710.