Well being retreats in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset

As a hypnotherapist, I help the large majority of my clients on a private one to one basis and this works very well. There are occasions though where personal transformation can happen just as effectively, and sometimes more quickly in a group environment.



There are also a lot of people who may not want to invest the time for formal therapy sessions or just don’t feel the need to go for therapy. The fact is that most people who become clients at Natural Mind Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth, do so as a last resort or because they have been recommended the treatment by a close friend or relative.yahoo

And this is fine because my profession is, I’ll be honest, slightly fringe and not something that everyone will think about doing!

With that in mind I decided to create 1 and 2 day workshops or ‘retreats’ for people who don’t want or need therapy but who do want to learn how to use their minds more effectively; to reduce stress and anxiety, lose weight naturally and sleep as deeply as they did when they were younger.

What happens at a retreat?

A retreat is a wonderful and uplifting experience where you will spend an intensive day learning how to nourish both your mind and body to create new healthier thoughts and behaviours. A retreat is not about sitting down and listening to a lecture on what you should be doing.

Nor is it filling your head with masses of interesting information and then expecting you to work out how to apply it! We have all been to those kind of workshops right?

A wellbeing retreat will leave you more relaxed, more inspired and more capable of making the life changes you need to make. You will be ‘doing’ and practising cutting-edge techniques and exercises so that when you go home, you know exactly what to do to reach your goals.

You will leave a retreat with new, fresh insights and it is these insights that trigger real changes and improvements in your wellbeing.


Introducing weight loss retreats with Barbara Cox

I am now working in partnership with top UK nutritionist Barbara Cox to deliver the most unique wellbeing retreats in the south of England.

Barbara founded Nutrichef, the well-known healthy meal plan service across the UK, and has written for Zest magazine, Natural Health and been featured in the Daily Express and Bazaar to name just a few.

As well as being a much sought-after nutritionist, Barbara is an expert on all things wellbeing and fitness related.

Check out the link for more information about Barbara:


Weight Loss Retreats in Bournemouth 

Barbara and I will be holding a series of retreats from November 2015 and these will be focused on general wellbeing and weight-loss.


Our weight loss days will obviously help people achieve their weight loss goals but they will also give attendees all the information, skills and insights they need to feel better in themselves, be more energised and confident.

The truth is that while you might be happier when you’ve lost the weight, we can help you feel better right now. And this is the key to success. If you allow yourself to enjoy the journey, to love and respect yourself and your body as you are, then you will be a lot more motivated to exercise, eat healthier and keep positive!

Places have already sold out for our October retreat so if you would like more information please get in touch by phoning Kristian on 0798 444 1710 or emailing me on kristian@naturalmindhypnotherapy.co.uk