So how can you use self-hypnosis to feel more relaxed, reduce stress and anxiety and update your outdated ‘mental software’ ?

self-hypnosis for anxiety and stress

Using self-hypnosis for anxiety and stress

1) Find a comfortable place to relax where you won’t be disturbed (bed or comfy chair) and CLOSE your eyes..
2) Take 3 SLOW deep breaths from the diaphragm and as you breath out imagine any stress or tension in the body being slowly released.
3) Now from the top of your head, imagine you can send a wave of relaxation (you can imagine this as a colour if you want) which can travel down and fill every body part, every muscle and every cell and fibre until you relax your toes.. Take your time with this.
4)  Now, count slowly in your mind from 10-1 and between each number down, say to yourself the words ‘Deeper relaxed’ (or something that feels right for you). Some people like to imagine drifting down a beautiful staircase,  or floating down from a cloud but you can imagine anything you want. Hypnosis is a very individual process:)
5) When you reach the ‘bottom’ you can do your ‘re-programming’. If, for example your aim is to be stress free at xmas, vividly imagine things going really well. ‘See’ family members smiling and getting on like a xmas pudding on fire (just kidding). ‘Hear’ the xmas tunes that you love most and all those compliments you receive about your charming new reindeer jumper. You can make your own ‘mental movie’ which you can play from start to finish as if watching it in your own private cinema. Enjoy…!
6) When you’ve finished, count yourself back out of hypnosis from 1-3, telling yourself that by the count of 3, you’ll be wide awake, refreshed and ready to tackle all that  xmas shopping…

Self Hypnosis for anxiety and stress in Bournemouth and Dorset

After practicing this a few times I hope you’ll discover that hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress is VERY effective:)

Watch this space for more tips and techniques to help you feel tip-top. Please SHARE this post with anyone who needs to release some stress at xmas…!



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